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ACA Obamacare Gets Replacement Proposal Senate Bill Version


Preliminary Basics: Eliminates Tax Penalty Eliminate mandate to have health insurance Offer more financial assistance to some lower-income people Phase out federal government supplements Budget - which limits what federal government will spend.

Build Net Worth for College Grads

Build Net Worth

Shutterstock photo Many recent college grads aren’t that good with money, and it shows; more often than not they are under-insured, have little to no savings for the future or even an emergency, and carry a heavy load of credit card and student debt. Failing to address financial problems early on can limit your success…

Obamacare Getting Some Help – ACA Gets Help

Obamacare Ruled Constitutional

With all the talk about repeal and replace of Obamacare Centene Corporation announced today that it would step into some of the most desperate Obamacare markets to provide much-needed coverage options. In Centene's news release it states that it is planning to enter new markets in 2018: Kansas Missouri Nevada Centene will also expand in these markets: ...

Five Money Savers You Might Like – You Save $$

Shutterstock photo Savvy shoppers might be the masters of coupon cutting and buying on a budget. However, if you don't take advantage of all the available life hacks, you're essentially leaving free money on the table.Some of these tips and tricks might seem strange — you've probably never considered pouring Kool-Aid in your toilet, for…

Facts About Your Credit Card Debt

Shutterstock photo This content is made possible by our sponsor; the views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.Dealing with credit-card debt can be stressful. One way to cope with the anxiety is to arm yourself with knowledge of your rights…

Smart Money Moves To Make After Losing Your Job

Shutterstock photo When you have overcome the shock of losing your job — and, likely, your main source of income — organizing your finances can have a calming effect. The sooner you make a plan, the easier it will be to cope with your change of circumstances.Despite being near the top of the list of…

Mortgage Modifications Still?

Homeowners concerned about being able to pay their mortgages has been going on for some years now. Even with home prices not having appreciated as much as some markets around the country foreclosures still plague the area. Although at a lower rate. A tv news station's report that a home owner had gone through a loan modification only to have...

Mortgage Interest Rates Go Lower?

Never mind that interest rates are scrapping the bottom of the barrel already. If you are considering any options having to do with financing a mortgage, keep your eyes and ears open. Be ready to lock your rate. Don't get caught in the up swing. This years presidential elections are just around the corner and once thats behind us...

First Time Home Buyer Tips

Video from Bankrate.com offers tips to first time home buyers. http://c.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f9?isVid=1

Home saved at the last minute

A Texas home owner came within weeks of being foreclosed on before they found out they could get help to hold on to their dream home.