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Client comments

“…came along and gave us a second chance. Our $750,000 mortgage was untouchable but they not only reworked it,
but they gave us time to rebuild. Now, we are going to make it. We have had
time to reorganize our business and finances and once again life looks
positive. Thank you so much.”

Mike in Dallas

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend your services to anyone that is struggling in these unpredictable
economic times. The wonderful service you provide, along with your tireless efforts to assist your clients,
is to be sure, remarkable. Thank you again.”

P. Greene

“I really could not have done this without you, Mike. Your confident and friendly business sense was
most impressive. Clearly you have great understanding and knowledge in the modification and debt
reduction service that is so necessary in today’s economy. And because of your invaluable assistance,
not only have a still got my home, but my interest has been reduced drastically.”

“We went from paying $1687 per month (14%) to paying $807 per month (4.5%), and that’s not all, the months that were delinquent with accrued late fees were all placed at the end of the note. We didn’t have to come up with any additional money to get this done. Again Michael, THANK YOU!! For allowing us to keep our special place we call “Home”. You are highly recommended, Thanks”

Frank and Ruby
El Paso TX .”