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Houston Loan Modifications


Houston loan modifications are rising. Houston area homeowners concerned about being able to pay their mortgages is on the rise. Even with home prices not having appreciated as much as some markets around the country foreclosures still plague the area. Although at a lower rate.

One of the Houston’s local TV news stations reported that a Houstonian had gone through a loan modification only to have issues later. The news report did not provide the details of what kind of issues the homeowner experienced with the lender. However, MMT always advises that clients pay attention to the details of the loan modification offered by the lender before agreeing to it.

Once the agreement is in place, stick to it.  Make sure you know what you are agreeing to including any and all conditions. Ask questions and get the lender’s response in writing.

Pay on time and keep up with whats going on with your payments. There are a number of ways to make sure your payments arrive on time. No matter how you make your payment, make sure it conforms to the loan modification agreement worked out with the lender. Do not forget to verify that you pay to the penny the entire amount due when making your payment.

TIP: Round-up your payment to the next highest dollar will make it easy to remember.

Get help: If you need help and would like to utilize our services, we do charge a fee based on the expected actions required to service your needs.  You are not charged by us to evaluate your specific situation.

Our fees are relatively inexpensive and you will benefit by enjoying personalized service and and attention to detail.