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My first home purchase and getting the mortgage for it was completely oblivious to me. I had no clue what I was doing. All I know is that I signed the papers and gave the people the information they asked for. I signed and later received payment coupons in the mail showing my due date. I started paying my mortgage and made sure I did so by the due date.The feeling of actually owning my own place was awesome. At that time I was not long out of college and kicking off my career as an IT professional. Since then I have worked a number or years for a multi-national law firm and two fortune 500 companies. I’ve traveled extensively. The two worlds, the technology and the mortgage business are very different. But, the overlap is that technology makes it possible to get things done easier in the mortgage business.

So, the mortgage business allows me as a mortgage professional to expierence the excitement of my clients when they get to close a mortgage loan opening a whole new phase in their lives.    

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Now, I’m in the mortgage business with a completely different perspective. But still, having the experience as a home buyer on multiple occasions, my focus is to make the experience as smooth as possible for my client.

Are you ready already?

I ask all of my clients to do these things up front to help smooth the financing process (applies to all parties that will be on the application):


DO NOT buy on credit any big ticket items once you decide to finance or refinance until you have closed your loan.
Build your cash stash in your bank accounts (savings or checking).
Keep all of your bills current – paid on time.
Pay off those bills that you can pay.
Pay down those bills that remain.
Do not change jobs
Keep signed copies of your income tax returns
Provide all pages of last 3-4 months of pay stubs, bank statements, proof of income (self employed), etc.
Your name and co-applicants names must match on all documents. So, do verify this.

All of the above is about making sure your financial picture look it’s best.


Who’s The Judge?

Well, it’s not me. I’m the attorney (so to speak), your attorney working for you. My job is to make the case for your mortgage loan or refinance approval. So, expect me to be in contact with you constantly until a decision is made on your application. I will use all tools at hand…


What’s my rate?

Let me find your best available rate and get you through a quicker closing. Save your time and be comfortable knowing that you have the most effective team working on your behalf to get your loan completed in a timely manner.

Ths will impact your interest rate and bottom line – approval. So, don’t take this lightly and be very detail and accurate with the information you provide.

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“… the mortgage business allows me, as a mortgage professional, to expierence the excitement of my clients when they get to close a mortgage loan opening a whole new phase in their lives.”

    Mortgage rates vary and a determining factor is primarily based on your individual financial status. Fill in as much information as you have available right now to get the process started.

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